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Our Mission

  • Terrace Hills Middle School strives to provide a safe, secure learning environment for all students that encourage responsible, independent, creative and critical thinking skills development.  
    THMS provides the base for lifelong learning opportunities that students, through their actions and goals, will develop respect for themselves and others.
    To accomplish this mission, a working partnership consisting of students, staff, parents and community must exist.

Principal's Message 2024-2025

  • Dear Terrace Hills Middle School Families,

    Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year! I hope this letter finds you well and filled with anticipation for the exciting year ahead. On behalf of the entire staff at Terrace Hills Middle School, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all our returning families and those joining us for the first time.

    I am thrilled to introduce myself, Syreeta Afadonis, as our new Principal and Michael Piaseczny as our new Assistant Principal. We both bring a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to our roles, and we are eagerly looking forward to partnering with you and your children to ensure a successful academic journey.

    At Terrace Hills Middle School, we are committed to student academic achievement, safety, and well-being. Our mission is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We have a dedicated team of educators who are passionate about providing the best opportunities for your child's success, both inside and outside the classroom.

    Throughout the school year, we will continue to uphold high standards of excellence in education while fostering a sense of community and belonging among our students. We believe in open communication and collaboration between home and school, as we recognize the important role that families play in a child's educational journey.

    As we embark on this new school year together, I encourage you to stay connected and involved in your child's education. Please take the time to review important information that will be shared with you regarding school policies, procedures, and upcoming events. Our goal is to work together to create a positive and enriching experience for every student at Terrace Hills Middle School.

    Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to a successful and rewarding school year!

    Warm regards,

    Syreeta Afadonis

CJUSD Announcements

District Announcements

  • Enrollment Information:

    New enrollments for the 2023-24 school year will be processed at school sites. For more information on enrollment or transfers for the 2023-24 school year, please visit our Student Services Department's page.


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    If you child is attending a school receiving Title 1 federal funds, Federal Law requires that parents be notified of their right to know the professional qualifications  of their child’s teacher(s) in core academic subject areas, including the following:  

    1.  The type of state credential or license that the teacher holds. Some teachers will have credentials in a particular subject area, such as English or  mathematics, and others will have a multiple subject credential, which allows them to teach a variety of subjects, such as in elementary schools. 

    2.The education level and subject area of the teacher’s college degree(s). All teachers have a bachelor’s degree, and many teachers have graduate 

                    degrees beyond the bachelor’s, such as a masters or doctoral degree. 

    In addition to the qualifications of the teacher, if a paraprofessional (teacher’s aide) provides your child services, you may also request information about his or  her qualifications. Many paraprofessionals have two years of college and others have passed a test that verifies their qualifications. 

    If you would like to request this information, please contact Colton Joint Unified, Human Resources Office at (909)580-5000 Ext. 6684 

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    Si su hijo/a asiste a una escuela que recibe fondos federales del Título I, la Ley Federal establece que los padres deben ser notificados de su derecho a conocer las cualificaciones profesionales de los maestros de su hijo/a en las materias básicas, incluyendo las siguientes:   


    1. El tipo de credencial o licencia estatal que el maestro posee. Algunos maestros tendrán credenciales en una materia en particular, como inglés o matemáticas, otros tendrán una credencial de materias múltiples, lo que les permite enseñar una variedad de materias, como en las escuelas primarias.  


    1. El nivel de educación y materia de la que el maestro obtuvo su título universitario. Todos los maestros tienen una licenciatura y muchos maestros tienen títulos de posgrados, como maestrías o doctorados.  


    Además de las cualificaciones del maestro, si un para-profesional (auxiliar docente) proporciona servicios a su hijo/a, también puede solicitar información sobre sus cualificaciones. Muchos para-profesionales tienen dos años de universidad y otros han pasado una evaluación que avala sus cualificaciones.


    Si desea solicitar esta información, por favor comuníquese con la oficina de Recursos Humanos del Distrito escolar unificado de Colton al (909)580-5000 Ext. 6684.

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