• Human Resources Staff Directory

  • Certificated: (909) 580-5000 Extension 6685               Classified: (909) 580-5000 Extension 6689 

    Substitute Services Desk: (909) 580-5000 Extension 6692


    At this time ALL EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATIONS will be done through email only.

    Certificated Employment Verification: patricia_noriega@cjusd.net       

    Classified Employment Verification: claudia_gutierrez@cjusd.net


    Ingrid Munsterman, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
    Kameliah Maestas, Executive Assistant (580-6691)

    Laurie Carlton, Director of Human Resources
    Elizabeth Pacheco, Administrative Assistant-Confidential (580-6680)

    Penny Almon, Certificated Human Resources Coordinator (580-6684)
    Yvette Palmer, Classified Human Resources Coordinator (580-6686)

    Cynthia Ramirez, Human Resources Technician (580-6683)
    Azelin Davis, Human Resources Technician (580-6693)
    Patricia Noriega, Human Resources Technician (580-6682)
    Serina Aparicio, Human Resources Technician (580-6688)
    Claudia Gutierrez, Human Resources Technician (580-6687)
    Janelle Mijares, Human Resources Technician (580-6682)
    Lilian Morales, Substitute Services Technician (580-6692)
    Zaria Jenkins, Human Resources Assistant (580-6689)
    Andrea Perez, Human Resources Assistant (580-6695)