• Parent Notification


  • Important Annual Parent Notifications

    The Colton Joint Unified School District presents its annual Education in Review document each year to notify pupils, parents and guardians of its rights and responsibilities, pursuant to California Education Code Section 48980. This notice is to inform you that these notifications are available for your review and are posted on the district website as well as available from your student's school or district office upon request. An acknowledgement of receipt of this notice must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the school as required by Section 48982. A place for your signature has been provided on the "School Emergency Card." Your signature does not indicate consent for your child to participate in any program. The notifications cover a broad range of district-related topics including, but not limited to, the following:

    • A section on instructional programs includes graduation requirements and college preparation, No Child Left Behind, sex and health education, English learner programs and student records.
    • A section on Health Services includes immunization and health screenings and administration of medication.
    • A section on safety includes student discipline, suspension and expulsion, sexual harassment, Megan's Law sex offender notification and disaster preparedness.
    • A section on special education includes rights of parents, program timelines, policies and assessments.
    • A section on complaint procedures outlines each step in formal complaint procedures from filing through decision and appeals.
    • Another section covers nondiscrimination policies and rights.
    • A section on attendance options includes information about school attendance alternatives, open enrollment and inter-district attendance.