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Mrs. Lynn Kongtang, Head Counselor

Mrs. Lynn Kongtang was previously a counselor at Bloomington High School and was also the AP Coordinator there.  Lynn received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters in School Counseling from La Sierra University in Riverside. In 2015, she earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.  She is the SSD Coordinator and is involved on the PBIS Committee, Senior Inspiration Committee, Safety Committee, and Scholarship Committee. She is proud to be a Titan and enjoys working with students to support their personal/social, academic, and postsecondary goals and choices.


Serving students with last names Moo - Romero

Mrs. Lynn Kongtang

Head Counselor


Ms. Miranda Binger

Secretary to Mrs. Kongtang

(909) 580-5006 x: 4881