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Parents & Community Involvement

At CJUSD there are many options for parents and guardians to get involved in their students' education!


CJUSD is happy to welcome school volunteers  who are willing to take time to share wisdom and experience with those on the threshold of the future…our students. A school volunteer helps to expand and enrich the students’ learning experiences by working under the direction of school staff and administrators.


Participate in an Advosory Council

CJUSD has 3 advisory councils at the district level but school sites also have more regional coucils as well! The district advisory councils are:

  • DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council)
  • AAPAC (African American Parent Advisory Council)
  • DELAC (District ENglish Language Advisory Council)


Parents may enquire about school hosted advisory councils:

  • SSC (School Site Council)
  • ELAC (English Language Advisory Council)
  • PTA (Parent Teacher Associations)