• Most Fequalty Asked Questions


    Q: Will there be High School sports?

    A: Hopefully yes! CIF moved the calendar back so it would give time for us to play.

    Q: What does my child need to play sports?

    A: Right now all they need to do is get cleared. Information here.

    Q: Will it be safe for my child to play?

    A: CJUSD is committed to following federal, state and local health agency guidelines during the phased reopening of our athletics programs.

    Q: Should my child be practicing with my coach right now? 

    A: All facilities are closed and NO activity is permitted as of 9/1/2020.

    Q:  When does my sport start?

    A: Each sport including football has different start and end times. That calendar can be found here

    Q: When we do start practicing how will it work?

    A: Right now CJUSD AD’s are working on a back to sports protocol and more information will come soon. 

    Q: My son/daughter was a senior last year and didnt get to finish his/her season. Can they play this year?

    A: Unfortunately no, High school rules are 4 year only of eligibility and the CIF did and will not grant extra access for COVID-19.

    Q: My son/daughter plays 3 sports, can they still do that this year?

    A: This year it will be difficult to play more than one fall sport and one winter/spring. The seasons overlap but the same rule applies. Athletes can only play in one varsity competition per day.

    Q: Do my child's grades currently count for sports?

    A: YES!! They need to have a 2.0 or higher GPA to participate in sports so make sure they are attending their online classes and completing all their assigned work. 

    Q: Will I be allowed to watch my son/daughter live?

    A: We do not know the answer to this currently. Let's hope our COVID -19 goes down and we can do this in some capacity. 

    Q:Where can I ask more specific questions?

    A: Fill out the AD Contact request here. There is also other useful information on that page.