• Attendance Office

  • Please call the Attendance Technician to excuse your student's absence within 72 hours. In case they are not available, please leave a message with your name, student's name, your relationship to the student (parent/guardian/caregiver, etc), the date and reason for their absence, and a contact number. If further information is needed, the Attendance Technician will call back at their earliest convenience. If your student is out for medical/dental reasons and has a doctor's note, please provide a copy to the office via email or fax.

    Por favor llame al Técnico de Asistencia para justificar la ausencia de su estudiante dentro de las 72 horas. En caso de que no estén disponibles, deje un mensaje con su nombre, el nombre del estudiante, su relación al estudiante (padre/tutor/guarda, etc.), la fecha y el motivo de su ausencia y un número de contacto. Si se necesita más información, el técnico de asistencia le devolverá la llamada lo antes posible. Si su estudiante está ausente por razones médicas/dentales y tiene una nota del médico, proporcione una copia a la oficina por correo electrónico o fax.




    (909) 580-5013 ext 3208

    FAX: (909) 876-6399


    There are many types of absences recognized by the CJUSD, in accordance with California Education Code 48200.

    • Qualified absences: Due to illness, doctor/dentist appointments, family funeral or court appearance of the student. The State of California allows one (1) day excused for an in-state funeral and three (3) days for out-of-state funerals.
    • Unqualified absences: Excused by parents for reasons other than recognized in Qualified Absences, including family emergencies.
    • Truancies/Unverified absences: Absences not authorized by parent/guardian, not notified within 72 hours and not authorized by school personnel.
    • Suspensions: Absences mandated by school officials for disciplinary reasons. In addition, some absence codes note that a student was not in class, but was in the office or on a school activity.