• Student Leadership is responsible for:

    • Student leadership development
    • Creating school spirit
    • Serving our campus and community
    • Shining the spotlight on all student groups on campus


    Four Seasons of Leadership


    Season of START: (May) June, July, Aug

    Purpose: Understand leadership EXPECTATIONS, build RELATIONSHIPS among student leaders, cast VISION for the school year, establish GOALS, and learn fundamental concepts of LEADERSHIP.


    Season of SPIRIT: Sept, Oct, Nov

    Purpose:  Display school spirit and pride; increase student INVOLVEMENT; create FUN and ENTHUSIATIC atmosphere on campus, meet people and foster new FRIENDSHIPS; demonstrate EXCITEMENT and ENERGY.


    Season of SERVICE: Dec, Jan, Feb

    Purpose: To reach out and IMPACT lives; SERVE our campus and community; consider the NEEDS of OTHERS before our own, see life from a different PERSPECTIVE; learn the importance of GENEROSITY


    Season of SHINE: Mar, Apr, May

    Purpose: To SHINE the spotlight on students and staff; to provide an OPPORTUNITY for numerous talents to be on display; to APPRECIATE and RECOGNIZE students and staff.


  • SODA Committees

    The best moments happen when all four teams work together and create an experience that others HEAR, FEEL, SEE and DO.


    Sound Set Up: This team is responsible for setting up sound and video equipment for all events. What people hear.

    Outreach: This team recognizes staff and students in a variety of ways. What people feel.

    Design: This team designs the layouts and themes for events.  What people see.

    Activities:  This team organizes all activities for participation, including spirit weeks, lunchtime activities, rally games, student section, etc. What people do.


  • Statement of Purpose


    I understand that leadership STARTs with me, but it’s not about me

    That it is my responsibility to create school SPIRIT

    That I get to SERVE my campus and community;

    And I look for ways to SHINE the spotlight on others.


    Leadership Opportunities


    ASB Council: The Council represents All Student Body at Grand Terrace High School in student governing while providing activities to the benefit of all students on campus.


    Renaissance Leadership: Focuses on supporting and celebrating the student body and faculty.


    Publications: Primary responsibility is to create and publish the annual yearbook, capturing the history of student life over the course of the year.