• Attendance

    During Distance Learning, it is important that your child attends the live lessons with their teacher and complete the work assigned by their teacher.  Students are expected to be present daily and participate in their education by completing their assignments.  Grades can be impacted by not completing the assignments.  Please speak with your child's teacher for further questions and clarification about attendance and student engagement.

    If your child is absent, please verify their absence by calling the school office at (909) 580-5030, please leave a message for the Attendance Assistant or notifying your child's teacher. Unverified absences are considered truant. Absences of three or more days   require a doctor's note. 

    To encourage perfect attendance, Grimes offers an attendance contest where students can win exciting incentives. Research shows that students who come to school daily and on time are academically more confident and successful students.  Please help us by getting your children to school daily, on time and to stay for the duration of the day.  Please try to schedule any appointments after school hours or when your child is on a non-school day.


    The District will send out automatic calls to families of students who were not present that day.  Please call or email to clear the absence.  Our Attendance Assistance will make additional calls to clear absences.   


    Thank you for your help in allowing your child to have the best education possible.