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  • AVID Tutorials

    What is a tutorial?

    Small group tutorial sessions are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the AVID elective class. During tutorials, the AVID elective class is divided into several tutorial groups. Under the direction and supervision of the AVID elective teacher, an AVID-trained tutor facilitates the discussion and work at each group.

    What is the purpose of tutorials?
    * Create deeper understanding of concepts covered in core content class
    * Develop skills necessary to become self-directed learners.
    * It is not just homework help.

    What are the goals of the tutorial process?
    * To push each other's thinking. AVID tutorials use an inquiry process.
    * Tutors do not give the answers. They facilitate the groups' learning process.
    * Tutors don't teach the answers. They ask more questions. This is called the Socratic method.

    How do AVID tutorials differ from traditional "tutoring?"
    * All students must arrive at the tutorials prepared with pre-work completed and specific questions written in a Tutorial Request Form (TRF). If they believe they have no questions regarding any homework, school work, quiz or test in any of their classes, they must still attend the tutorial with a completed TRF in which they ask a question that further explores the material they are studying in any of their classes.
    * Questions are high level thinking questions.
    * Students work and discuss in collaborative group.
    * Students must reflect on their own participation in the groups and on how the group worked together.

  • AVID Tutors

    How do I become an AVID Tutor?

    Cross-Age 11th and 12th grade students who show leadership and go through AVID Tutor Certification can opt to have AVID Tutor be part of their schedule as a class in the regular school day.
    Student Tutor Application

    Current college students who show leadership and go through AVID Tutor Certification can apply for a paid position as an AVID Tutor. 
    College Tutor Application

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