Clothing Resources

  • Our clothing closets are currently available by appointment only. 

    If you need assistance or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 909-580-6515 or contact Karla Viramontes at

    In June of 2015, Student Services collected the lost and found items from all school sites.  The items were laundered by donated services from a local vendor.  Student Services partnered with the Transition Opportunity Program Services (TOPS) class at CHS and established the TOP Closet.  The TOPS students are CJUSD’s adult transition program for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Part of the curriculum is to learn life skills which includes learning to launder clothing. Student Services purchased laundry supplies, clothing racks, and hangers.  The students hung and presented the clothing in a store-like atmosphere in Room 558 at CHS, called the Top Closet, named after the program. 

    As the need grew, a second closet was opened at Ruth Harris Middle School called the Community Closet West (CCW).  Clothing in donated on an ongoing basis by employees and the community.  The closets are opened once a month and families receive a Q Communicate message the evening prior to the opening. 

    Dates for our Clothing Closets will be coming soon.

CCW Closet Location

Top Closet Location


    To date, the closets have served over 500 families and more than 1,500 students.  It is our hope, the closets continue to be a valuable resource for our families.  Please contact me if you have any questions.